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1 SPS = $0.0149 [-4.43% (24h)]

Dark Energy Crystals

1k DEC = $0.703 [-3.36% (24h)]

Related tokens (Prices from Hive Engine)

Token Price 24h △
Chaos Legion pack$1.1396-3.14%
Riftwatchers pack$3.1873-2.4%
Node license$429.4735-17.29%
Nightmare (TD) pack$1.7577-17.51%

Top 10 Legendary Monsters

Coeurl Lurker (10.00/10)
Almo Cambio (10.00/10)
Doctor Blight (10.00/10)
Kralus (10.00/10)
Dark Ha'on (9.83/10)
Venator Kinjo (9.39/10)
Epona (9.28/10)
Magnor (9.24/10)
Spirit Miner (9.20/10)

Top 10 Epic Monsters

Iidri Fyre (8.55/10)
Uraeus (8.12/10)
Noa the Just (8.02/10)
Trapp Falloway (7.90/10)
Dragon Spirit (7.62/10)
Soulstorm (7.49/10)
Marisol Contuma (7.31/10)
Will-o-Wisp (7.25/10)

Top 10 Rare Monsters

Khmer Princess (9.10/10)
Kelp Initiate (9.03/10)
Shieldbearer (8.88/10)
Tower Griffin (8.56/10)
Xenith Monk (8.42/10)
Venari Marksrat (8.28/10)
Spark Pixies (8.08/10)
Diemonshark (8.08/10)
Truthspeaker (8.00/10)
Runic Skyclaw (7.99/10)

Top 10 Common Monsters

Chaos Agent (10.00/10)
Isgald Vorst (9.66/10)
Helmet Kharafax (9.17/10)
Exploding Dwarf (9.16/10)
Katrelba Gobson (8.99/10)
Deeplurker (8.86/10)
Failed Summoner (8.76/10)
Bertrol Gobson (8.71/10)
Sand Worm (8.58/10)

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